Dental Tourism Explained – How Far Would You Travel To Visit Your Dentist?

Finding the right dentist is certainly a daunting task. If you’re like me, you’re probably jumping from one professional to another based on recommendations from friends or online boards. I was blessed with bad teeth, so I might need a small procedure once a year. No matter who I go to, the result is not as long-lasting as I expect it to be. Plus, the costs! You’d have to sell a kidney to get all your teeth done.

But one day, I said enough!

Dental Tourism Explained – How Far Would You Travel To Visit Your Dentist?

Discovering Dental Tourism

Dental tourism implies traveling to another country for dental care. In some cases, your expenses can be 10 times cheaper. As if all these were not enough, you can take a short holiday and explore the surroundings too. What can be better than that?

I tried this idea at a friend’s recommendation, only to realize that plenty of people goes to lower-rated countries for inexpensive work. In terms of quality, you can find the same – or even better, yet I seriously do my homework and research dentists before going in. Even if I count the flight tickets, it’s still a cheaper experience than going to a local dentist.

Convenience First

I know, it sounds funny – how can traveling to another country be more convenient than getting things done in your own city? Well, you’d be surprised. Dentists appreciate worldwide recognition. Some of them are specialized in dental tourism. Taking a day off every week for a couple of months is simply not doable sometimes. When traveling abroad, you can get to a dentist within a few hours. Most of them work their schedules around your time – they know you’re there from a long distance. They know you can’t go there everyday, so they’ll dedicate more hours (even full days) to you.

Between you and me, coming from abroad will increase the prices a bit, yet it’s still a good deal.

Cost Efficiency

Different people rely on dental tourism for different reasons. At first, I tried it out for the cheaper costs. Why spend thousands of dollars back home when you can get the same thing done for just hundreds? Count the tickets and you’ll still save money.

I traveled three times to get everything done and it cost me less than a single procedure back home. Besides, I don’t wait until I experience pain to see a dentist. Over the past few years, I see my dentist once a year during my holiday. And here comes the third reason why I travel for dental care…

Holiday Time

The first few times, I traveled with certain problems to be solved. In the last years, I only traveled once a year – my main holiday. I explore a new country, relax and find some time to see my dentist too. Being there so many times, we have a special relationship and they’re familiar with all my problems. It’s usually a routine check – mandatory!

Doing it every once in a while reduces my expenses. Even if there is a slight problem, it’s better to treat it at the moment – half an hour for the price of a fancy lunch. The more you wait, the more it aggravates.

Moreover, my partner takes advantage to get the checkup done as well. Book your upcoming holiday months in advance to save even more on tickets. If dental care happens to be part of it, even better!

How to Do It Right

Since you’re about to see a dentist from a different country, some research is obviously mandatory. You’ll have to research the best dentists in the area to ensure a high-quality service. There’s plenty of information online. With so many people traveling for dental care, there are specialized forums and discussion boards too.

Grab the phone, ask for details and most importantly, book an appointment before you even get there.


In the end, it’s no surprise why dental tourism is so widely appreciated today. More and more people turn to it for an obvious reason – mixing a good holiday with inexpensive dental procedures. For the same reason, many dentists choose to actually specialize in foreigners, so chances are you’ll benefit from a good service.

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