AHLA President and CEO Chip Rogers Resigns

Chip Rogers has resigned as CEO of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), according to an announcement by the association on Tuesday. Kevin Carey, the senior executive vice president and COO, stepped in as interim president and CEO.

Rogers expressed his pride in building one of America‘s most effective associations over the past five years in a statement. He also mentioned leaving to pursue other professional interests. At the time of publication, Rogers’ LinkedIn profile page had not been updated with the news or future plans.

During his tenure, Chip Rogers contributed significantly to several achievements in the hotel industry. Notably, AHLA successfully opposed a Los Angeles Council initiative that aimed to mandate hotels to temporarily house the homeless. This led to the council withdrawing the initiative.

Additionally, AHLA campaigned for regulatory parity between hotels and short-term rentals, resulting in tighter regulations on short-term rental accommodations last year.

Vijay Dandapani, President & CEO of the Hotel Association of New York City, praised Rogers’ leadership, particularly in Los Angeles.

Featured Image Source: AHLA

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