7 Travel Accessories That No Technology Enthusiast Should Overlook

Travel accessories are often seen as a necessity. They add some extra convenience to your trip, but many others are all about being fun. They’re simply too cool to miss and they can take your holiday to the next level. You’re right – this is about travel tech gadgets. Smart tools keep changing round the clock and can successfully turn a regular trip into the experience of a lifetime. Here are the best things to include on your list.


Sandless Beach Mat

Traveling to a place on the seaside? Chances are you’ll spend a few hours on the beach even if you travel for business purposes. While you can always use a chair or a regular towel, a sandless beach mat becomes the optimal solution in terms of convenience. Basically, this mat is literally impossible to get sand on it. It was originally designed for the military, yet it’s not available for those who are sick of blowing sand off their towels every 5 minutes. Plus, forget about the sticky sand too.

Travel Vacuum

No, this isn’t about vacuuming your hotel room before you leave. Instead, it’s about drawing all the air from your suitcase. Everyone knows how daunting it is to pack. Eventually, you’ll have to jump on the suitcase to be able to zip it. It’s even worse when you come back because you don’t feel like folding clothes properly, not to mention souvenirs. The travel vacuum will detect pressure due to a built-in sensor and remove all the air from your suitcase. Basically, you can save up to 50% in space, leaving plenty of room for other small things.

Video Recording Sunglasses

It sounds a bit futuristic, but video recording sunglasses are now available to everyone. Not only they look good and can protect your eyes, but they will also record snaps of your everyday adventures. Sure, you can always use your smartphone, but you’re less likely to come up with a proper video. After all, you’ll have to hold it with one hand, so all those cool activities won’t look so cool anymore when you post them on social media. With these sunglasses, you provide a first-person experience.

Foot Warmers

Traveling to a cold area? Foot warmers represent a must! Their main role is to make cold-weather activities more comfortable. Nothing special so far! But when you can control the temperature with a remote controller, your whole experience goes to a new level. These gadgets come with a tech thermal feature that keeps your feet both warm and dry. They are water-resistant and have a built-in thermostat to keep the temperature at the right level.

Multipurpose Bag

Your suitcase is directly responsible for what you can take. Sure, you’ll have to respect some standards if you fly, but generally, most suitcases barely have one or two pockets for small things – usually, on the outside. Safety first! A rolling upright duffel bag is more likely to provide a better organization. It has a separate bottom compartment – ideal for shoes or towels, as well as multiple pockets both on the inside and the outside. The organization has never been easier.

Wireless Speakers

Wi-Fi speakers allow you to play your favorite music anywhere – in the hotel room, on the deck, in your tent, or during a picnic. They’re so versatile that they become a must-have accessory for any traveler out there. There are plenty of models out there, so choose something compatible with your smartphone.

Pocket Washing Machine

It makes no difference if you go camping or you choose accommodation in a fancy hotel. Laundry is often the main necessity that many accommodation sites overlook. A pocket washing machine seems hard to understand though. Luckily, you’ll find wash gadgets that can fit any bag. You need a few liters of water, as well as some washing liquid. Everything goes in a small bag. Turn the gadget on and do your laundry within minutes, regardless of the location.


In the end, all these gadgets are definitely designed to make your life easier. The list can go on forever, but these particular items are about both convenience and fun. In other words, they’ll save you time and money while adding a futuristic scent to your holiday.

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