Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask Is What Will Change Snorkeling Forever
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Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask Is What Will Change Snorkeling Forever

Snorkeling is one of the favorite activities of those visiting tropical resorts. It’s not a surprise that people love it, as snorkeling allows them to observe the underwater life first-hand. This activity lets them explore the natural habitat of tropical fish and other underwater creatures, as well as coral reefs and other breathtaking structures found under the sea.

In some resorts, snorkelers can even explore underwater sculptures, as is the case in the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park in the Caribbean country of Grenada. This is the place where snorkelers can observe sculptures created by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, which are situated at a depth of about 10 meters.

Having fun is the number one reason why people decide to take upon this activity, but it’s not the only one. For some, snorkeling is just a kind of training, necessary for mastering the skills of scuba diving.

In fact, snorkeling seems like a cheap and a much safer alternative to scuba diving. The latter makes it very popular for families with kids – the parents want to introduce their kids to the magnificent world situated below the sea level, without jeopardize their health and safety even the slightest.

Snorkeling is also used as a fishing technique as it allows the snorkeler to have a pretty good view of what’s going on in the water. The same is the reason why snorkeling is the basis of a number of underwater sports, including underwater hockey and underwater football.

Is It Difficult to Learn How to Snorkel?

Now that you know how awesome this activity is, you’re probably very eager to learn more about how to do it. Well, by definition, snorkeling is the practice of swimming under the water service, using a diving mask with a tube, which allows you to breathe without a break. The breathing tube is called the snorkel, hence the name of the activity.

Speaking of the breathing tube, its length is usually about 40 centimeters (15-16 inches), as that’s about the maximum depth you can go without having difficulties with breathing. Actually, a longer tube would be useless. If you go deeper than that, the water pressure on your lungs will become so high that you won’t be able to breathe through the tube.

What this means is that when it comes to picking the right snorkeling equipment, the size of the tube does not matter much. What is much more important is to choose a proper full-face mask. Such a piece of equipment can really take your snorkeling experience to a whole new level!

Why You Need a Full-Face Snorkeling Mask?

It’s true that some snorkelers believe that buying a full-face mask is a purchase you can do without. But, we believe that those who say such things have probably never tried to snorkel with a full-face mask on.

This part of the equipment is guaranteed to take the snorkeling experience to a whole new level. The reasons for that are numerous, starting from the fact that a full-face mask will provide you with a clear 180-degree view of the underwater world.  

Actually, the visibility is the number one reasons why more and more snorkelers are buying full-face masks rather than sticking to the old-fashioned ones. These masks usually feature a curved lens that extends well behind the eye, ensuring an interrupted side view.

Another reason why this kind of design is a much better option is that it prevents the water from entering the mask. As the mask seal goes around your whole face, there’s no way that water can come in even when you’re smiling. And as you’re breathing in the mask all the time, the seal will remain very tight around your face, preventing it to get carried away by the waves.

The final reason why full-face masks are much better than traditional snorkeling masks is that they allow natural breathing. If you used a classic mask, you would have to breathe through a tube, sucking the air in and blowing it out. That’s not the case with full-face masks, which enable you to breathe normally, in the same manner as you would above the water.

Of course, all of this is true if you buy yourself a high-quality mask. Unfortunately, finding one that deserves your attention is far off from being an easy job. The good news is that there is a company that manufactures nothing but top-quality full-face snorkeling masks. We’re talking about an American company called Ocean Reef.

About Ocean Reef

Ocean Reef Group is an American company with a history of more than half a century. It all started in the 1950s when Mr. Gamberini opened a tire-repair shop, which he used not just to help car and bicycle owners with their flat-tire problems but also snorkelers and scuba divers with the problems related to their equipment.  

At one point, he started designing diving masks and fins, which proved to be the best move of his career. Mr. Gamberini’s works quickly became super-popular among snorkelers, making his small shop grow to become one of the most reputable manufacturers of diving equipment.

There are so many reasons why Ocean Reef is now one of the most trusted brands of snorkeling equipment. First of all, this company uses only the top-quality company to construct its products, which guarantees their sturdiness and durability.

Still, the thing that really makes Ocean Reef stand out from the crowd is their everlasting creativity. This company is famous for constantly looking for new ways to improve the snorkeling experience, which is why they keep on launching new products. One of their inventions that really made a revolution in the world of snorkeling was the full-face mask.

Ocean Reef snorkel mask is probably the most popular product of this company. There are different types of masks currently in the offer, but if you want the very best, the full-face snorkeling mask Aria is exactly what you need!

Ocean Reef Aria at a Glance

We’ll start this Ocean Reef Aria review by saying that this product is pretty affordable considering how awesome it is. The thing that makes it awesome is its full-face design which provides you with an amazing field of vision. The lens is bent so that there’s literally nothing obstructing your view. In turn, this allows you to have a clear 180-degree view in front of you.

Unlike traditional snorkeling masks, Aria lets you breathe normally – through your nose, rather than making you breathe through your mouth using the snorkel tube. As a result, you are guaranteed to feel much more comfortable while exploring the underwater universe.

Another great thing about Aria’s design is that its breathing circulation system ensures no fogging can ever happen. What this means is that this masks will provide you with a clear view no matter what. Aria features adjustable straps, making this mask very comfortable to wear, regardless of your head size.

Furthermore, you’re bound to feel proud wearing this masks on your head as Aria’s design is pretty attractive. Surely, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but no one can deny that this ocean reef full face snorkel mask doesn’t look amazing. And even if you don’t like the standard blue version of the mask, you can choose some other color – grey, orange, pink, dark blue, black, or white.

Pros of Aria Snorkeling Mask

Probably the biggest advantage of Ocean Reef aria full face snorkel mask is the fact that it does not fog. Its design is such that it takes care of the air circulation on its own, making anti-fog products completely obsolete. Furthermore, the breathing system of the mask also keeps the exhaled CO2 away from the fresh air that you need to breathe in.

Another thing that makes Aria stand out from the competitors is the fact that it features a specially-designed dry snorkel. This tube does exactly what its name suggests – it stays dry even if you submerge it in water. This is because there is a floater inside the snorkel which closes the air hole as soon as the water comes in. And if the water comes in not through the tube but through the mask (if you haven’t fitted it properly, for example), the drain valve will drain it out.

Other pros of Ocean Reef’s Aria that are worth mentioning include the following:

  • Designed to fit perfectly
  • Very easy to put on and take off
  • Ergonomically designed, this snorkeling mask will not make you feel uncomfortable or put any strain on your facial skin
  • Made of thermoplastic, a material resistant to UV radiation, salt water, etc.
  • Aria snorkeling mask is made of top quality materials that should not cause any allergic reactions or skin irritations

On top of everything, Ocean Reef is also giving a warranty on this product, so if something goes wrong with it, you will be able to replace it. To make the warranty valid, you are required to register the product on Ocean Reef official website, right after the purchase.

Are There Any Downsides to Using a Full-Face Snorkeling Mask?

Of course, our ocean reef full face snorkel mask review would not be complete unless we touched on the subject of downsides of using a full-face snorkeling mask. Well, compared to traditional snorkeling masks, Aria is definitely a much better choice. However, you should know that not even Aria can enable you to dive deeper than just a few dozen inches under the surface.

Another problem with these types of masks is that they’re not an ideal choice for swimming. Even though Ocean Reef’s Aria mask is made of light materials, wearing it on your head while swimming will not gonna feel comfortable.

Final Verdict

There you have it, our thoughts on Ocean Reef Aria full face snorkel mask! At this point, you’re probably wondering what’s our final recommendation – take it or leave it? Well, if you’re up for an unforgettable snorkeling experience, buying a full-face mask is a must.

Surely, any mask with such design is gonna provide you with an impressive view of the bottom of the sea, so what makes Aria stand out? This mask does not fog – that’s its biggest advantage. However, there are plenty of other reasons why this product needs to be on your shopping list. It’s easy to put on and very comfy to wear. The mask also keeps CO2 away from the air you are breathing in, meaning that it takes care of your health and wellbeing.

This snorkeling mask also looks very nice, with different colors to choose from. Finally, Ocean Reef Aria full-face mask is pretty affordable, so you definitely should not have second thoughts on whether to buy it or not. This is a sort of investment that just needs to pay off!

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