Discover the Wonder of Dubai’s Miracle Garden

The Miracle Garden is a truly remarkable destination. The complex stands out as a modern marvel of architecture in the region and even the world, offering visitors an extravagant outdoor experience like no other.

This gorgeous first-of-its-kind garden is located in the heart of Dubailand. The Garden includes open parking, VIP parking, sitting areas, a prayer room, toilet blocks, an ablution facility, a security room, a first aid room, carts for handicapped guests, and retail and commercial kiosks.

The garden’s first phase, unveiled in February 2013, covers a 2,000 m2 outdoor facility showcasing both vertical and horizontal landscaping designs. Each design is unique and captivating in its own right.

The second part of the project was started in June 2013 and was completed by October, marking a 70% expansion of the initial 2,000 m2 area. This phase also saw the construction of a 79,000 m2 multistory car park, increasing the total area of the garden to a staggering 190 thousand m2. The additions in this phase were the floral clock, the butterfly garden, retail stores, and mosques.

The Miracle Garden has earned its place in history by achieving three Guinness World Records. In 2013, it was declared the world’s largest vertical garden. Currently, an Airbus A380 flower structure within the garden holds the title of the biggest flower structure in the world according to Guinness World Records.

Additionally, the 18-meter topiary of Mickey Mouse, weighing almost 35 tonnes, is recognized as the tallest topiary-supported sculpture globally. The garden also boasts another record: the longest flower wall in the world, measuring almost one kilometer long and adorned with nearly 22 million blooming flowers.

This is the first-ever garden of its kind. The Miracle Garden is a must-visit spot in the heart of Dubai and will give you the chance to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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