Best Travel Baby Car Seat For Flights and Roundtrip

Are you looking to travel with your family, and you don’t have a seat for your newborn baby? Are you fed up with various companies that provide expensive baby car seats that don’t offer your child’s needed protection? If the answer is YES, then this is the article for you. Today, we will show you everything you want to know about baby car seats and provide you with the best ones to buy.

Baby car seats are a must when you are going on a trip. Whether it’s a short or a long one, your baby must be protected at all times. The baby is too young to sit on her own, and it is too dangerous to be on the lap of the parent because it won’t be comfortable for the baby, and injuries may occur. Follow along, as we will share with you all the information you need about baby car seats.

Do’s & Dont’s While Carrying the Car Seat

Parents are aware of the benefits of putting their children in safety seats, protecting them from car crashes. The thing they don’t always do right is placing the seat the wrong way or knowing when to replace the seat with another one. Let’s see the do’s and dont’s while carrying the car seat. Follow them and you will never have problems with your car seat.

Don’t Buy Second-hand or Used Seats

When you are looking for a baby car seat, it is not recommended to buy used one. We know it is hard to be a parent and there are many costs, but it is better to save money for a new car seat. The reason behind that is that you don’t know the history of the used car seat, whether it was in an accident or not, etc. 

Check the expiration date

Many parents do not know this, but baby car seats expire. When they expire, they are no longer suitable for use, and it is not recommended because of the baby’s safety.

Install Properly

The most important thing about making sure that the baby is safe is to install the car seat correctly. Every baby car seat has an instruction manual, and you should read it for proper installation. It is also crucial that you know what type of car you have for the right baby seat. It must be installed tight and steady.

Place It Right

In order to make the best possible protection, the car seat must be placed on the right spot. Never put it in the front seat, because it belongs in the back. The ideal position is the back seat’s middle area because it doesn’t take a direct hit on the side in case of an accident. If it is not available in the middle, you should put it behind the driver, as the driver will protect their side in case of an accident. 

Rear Face The Child

Most people don’t know that you should rare face the car seat in your car. That way, it is much safer for the baby because rare collisions are not likely to happen, and the baby won’t be injured from the front. 

Don’t Keep It After an Accident

You should never reuse the car seat if you had an accident, even if it was a small accident. A few little scratches could make the seat useless, thus making it dangerous and not safe anymore for your baby. 

Tell Others

If you see that other parents have a seat and it is not installed correctly, do tell them. It can save someone’s life, and you should share today’s knowledge with others. That way, the world will be more informative, and more accidents will be prevented.

Is it Legal in the UK and the US?

It is mandatory to know when the child is ready for only the seatbelt and a must for a baby car seat. Children under 12 years old or under 135 centimeters must be in a separate car seat. When your child passes either of those two rules, they can sit in the standard seat with a seatbelt.

Best Baby Car Seats

Here is the list you all wanted, our listing of the best car seats for you and your little baby:

1. Chicco KeyFit 30

Best Travel Baby Car Seat For Flights and Roundtrip
  • Price: 200$
  • Weight: 9.1 pounds
  • Kid weight and height limits: 30 inches, 30 pounds

The Chicco KeyFit 30 is considered better than other pricey car seats. It also accomplished the best head-sway scores in new lab testing that we orchestrated. It handily finished the side-sway crash assessment we appointed—the main trial of this sort that distribution has performed. The KeyFit 30 is generally lightweight, simple to clean off pieces and muck, and agreeable to convey and click all through its base. It will keep most infants sheltered and agreeable through their first year and frequently well past.

2. Britax B-Safe 35

Best Travel Baby Car Seat For Flights and Roundtrip
  • Price: 199$
  • Weight: 10.4 pounds
  • Kid height, weight limits: 32 inches, 35 pounds 

The Britax B-Safe 35 has crash evaluations like the Chicco KeyFit ‘30s and is additionally simple and clear to secure in a vehicle. Like the KeyFit, the B-Safe sits down belt lock-off to guarantee that establishment remains tight, just as a level pointer to let you know whether the seat is at the right edge. While the B-Safe comes up short on the reasonable, very much positioned establishment directions like those on the KeyFit, we thought that it was simpler to click all through its base than that seat.

3. Graco SnugRide Car Seat

Best Travel Baby Car Seat For Flights and Roundtrip
  • Price:149$
  • Weight: 14.70 lb

The SnugRide SnugLock 35 hits the trifecta of things we love in a baby vehicle seat: it’s anything but difficult to introduce, moderate, and incredibly sheltered

For what reason is the simplicity of establishment so significant? An appropriately fitted vehicle seat approaches a more secure vehicle seat, and the three-venture establishment measure on the SnugRide couldn’t be simpler. We’re likewise large devotees of the seat’s low weight limit (four pounds, which is incredible in case you’re getting back a preemie or a littler infant), a four-position lean back, a removable supplement that assists babies with getting the ideal fit, and an European belt shower which implies you can introduce the seat utilizing either the base or your vehicle’s safety belt.

4. Evenflo Litemax Car Seat

Best Travel Baby Car Seat For Flights and Roundtrip
  • Price: 169$
  • Weight: 19.20 lbs

The LiteMax is our reasonable most loved for a newborn child vehicle seat, both safe and incredibly moderate. The heap leg, a wellbeing highlight frequently found in significantly more costly seats like the Nuna Pipa or Clek liing, is a fantastic expansion thinking about the seat’s cost. This seat is additionally one of the lighter on our rundown. It has the least weight stipend available at three pounds, settling on it a shocking decision in case you’re getting back a preemie or a little child. Different highlights to cherish incorporate a customizable headrest, no-rethread saddle and LATCH introduce.


  • Can I feed the baby then put her in the car seat?

You can do that, but don’t ever feed the baby while the car is moving. There are bumps in the road, and the baby might choke. Also, in a crash, it is dangerous if the baby’s mouth is full. You should be careful with a small child also, not only a baby with several months.

  • For how long do I need to keep my baby in an infant car seat?

Typically adults keep their babies in an infant car seat before moving on a larger car set anything between 9 months and two years. Of course, it depends on the size of the baby. The bigger babies move along faster.

  • How long should a baby stay in a car seat?

Healthcare professionals say that a baby is not recommended to stay longer than 2 hours in a car seat. If you are traveling for long distances, you should take part-time breaks. The baby isn’t strong enough and her muscles might damage by constant sitting.

  • For how long should kids stay rear-facing?

They should stay rear-facing until they reach the maximum height or weight for that particular baby seat. That is from 3 years to 6, depending on the child itself.

  • Can babies sleep in car seats?

Healthcare professionals state that it isn’t safe for babies to sleep in car seats. The head of the baby might fall forward, causing problems with breathing and can cause suffocation. That is why it is safer for the baby to be awake until the first year.

Final Words

Choose wisely when you’re purchasing a baby car seat because not all babies are the same. Buy one suitable for your baby’s needs and the one in which your little angel will be the safest. These are the best ones that we picked up for you, and we are sure you will make the right decision. At the end of the day, the child’s safety is the most important.

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